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Notarized Documents The following documents are to be notarized, or witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, prior to uploading: Passports, Non-Jamaican Tax Identification Numbers, Non-Jamaican issued Identification
Personal Information Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Tax Identification Number.
Identification Information You will need to upload a copy of your ID and enter details such as the country of issue and expiry date. For the driver’s license, you will need to upload both the back and front.
Address Information Your permanent and current address are needed. You will need to upload proof of address, which is required for your permanent address only; this may be in the form of a utility bill or bank statement. Proof of address should not be more than 6 months old
Next of Kin Information We require the name, address and contact information for at least one relative or friend, whom we can contact in the event we are unable to contact you
Employment Information If you are employed, we will need the name, address and contact information for your employer
Proof of Income We require proof of income in the form of a Job Letter or most recent Pay Slip if employed; Tax Returns and Financials if Registered Self-Employed; In-House Income & Expenditure Statement or Self -Employment Declaration Form if Unregistered Self-Employed
School Information If you are a student, we will need the name, address and contact information for your school.
Select Your Account You will be asked to select the type of account you want to create and the currency of your choice.
Proof of Identity You will be asked to use the camera on your device to take a picture (selfie) and also to capture a brief video of yourself.
Existing Member For existing members to open a new account, please ensure that your member record is updated with a valid ID, tax number, proof of address, proof of income and two (2) references, prior to commencing the account opening process.